2in1 Hair & Skin Analyser

Different applicators for the best skin care

  • 307,200 pixels 1/4” Color VGA CMOS Image Sensor
  • Direct connection to PC through USB port
  • It is easy to take images using capture button
  • It is possible to save and manage images by date with bundle software coming with the camera
  • It is more effective to use polarized cap for client's education
  • Simple and convenient design
  • It povides client's education for skin, scalp, hair conditions through various magnification rates (X12, X40, X50, X100) without changing lens


Power Supply 5VDC Via USB Port
Image Sensor 1/4”Color VGA CMOS Image Sensor
Effective pixels: 307, 200
AGC / White balance: On / Fixed
Output signal: USB 1.1 Format
Lamp: High Luminance White LED : 8EA
Light intensity: Fixed
Camera cable: 2.0 M
Light delivery Side / Vertical / Polarized illuminating
Magnification: Full body, Full face, Partical area X12, X40, X50X100

Skinsys software

A software program used to analyze and manage for the more organized and scientific customer consultations beyond the one side of diagnosis.SkinSys supplies more detailed scientific customer consulting. Skin type analysis for Dry, Oily, Normal and Combination With the oil control film sheet and jig; a precise analysis is possible.Curvature measure by using Open GL 3D Type. Scientific analysis of keratin layer of skin by precise edge detection algorithm.Pore size measurement and pigmentation analysis.

Hairsys Software

It is alopecia, scalp and hair analysis software for more systematic and scientific customer consulting which presents the detail information of alopecia, hair and hair type analysis and proper care method. You can use this software widely for management of analysis result as well as product, sales and shop for life long customer satisfaction.Alopecia/Hair/Scalp analysis and measurement function You can increase customer satisfaction rate by the introducing hair and hair scalp care method based on analysis result. With the comparison before and after image, present the alopecia, hair scalp and hair counseling. Customer management function