Synergetic Combination of Tri / Multi-Polar RF and Light Therapy


MagicPolar, the latest RF technology harnessing the benefits of RF technology and eliminating the drawbacks of previous RF technology, delivers the optimal RF energy to the dermal and subcutaneous layers. Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes, centered between them, and targets only to the treatment area.

Combines Light Therapy with Red LED effective for skin rejuvenation and Blue LED for skin purification & acne treatment.

Utilizes the efficient and effect proven frequency,1 MHz for body shaping, contouring, slimming and 2 MHz for skin tightening & collagen remodeling


Advanced RF technology assisted with Light Therapy ¢ No pain, effective & complete safety
Fast and optimal treatment result ¢ Versatile application with 3 different sized applicators
Easy and convenient to perform the various treatment

easy way to renew yourself

Body LiposlimCare

Liposlimcare system provides the proven solution for body slimming treatment advanced
Radiofrequency, Vacuum and LED technologies.

Applying 2 types of handpiece in the integrated Technology significantly enhances the treatment effect, it produces quick treatment result in the target regions.

Works to

˜ Cellulite & Fat | ˜ Body Reshaping| ˜ Size Reduction | ˜ Skin Tightening

Facial PowerLifting

PowerLifting represents Magicpot’s specialized facial lifting system by using Radiofrequency, Vacuum and LED technologies.
Both facial and alternative Handpiece can be used to target regions as face and neck. It brings dramatic treatment results.


Facial Handpiece, Alternative Handpiece.

Works to