Skin Analysis System

Software Specifications

Analysis result can be detailed to the customer which gives lot of confidence to them. Customer management is very easy. Can see skin section on 3D solid screen. Can compare skin image easily because there are 2 divisions & 4 divisions function. Built - in prescription system. Print - out of the customer’s analysis results,and history is possible.

Aphrodite Skin Analysis System

Moisture, Over keratin,T-Zone, U- zone oil,Pore, freckle and wrinkless measurement are possible Measurements can be done very fast The analysis result is reliable. Sampling method is simple and inexpensive.

System Specification

Main body, X50 handy skin scope,Handy hanger, Moisture & oil measuring stick,Digital moisture measuring device, Measuring Sample (100 persons), Programme C.D., Grabber chord, 12 D.C. Adaptor.


  • Customer Registration
  • Basic Question Examination
  • T-Zone Oil Check
  • moisture & Keratin Check
  • Pore Check
  • Wrinkle Check
  • Result History
  • Print