Patient can be explained about your diagnosis because they also see their face while you are analyzing. Very elegant looks and easily portable (can be kept on your consultation table.) Precise diagnosis can be made since imported tubes are used.


  • Brown Pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Yellow or sometimes pink
    Oily areas of the face and comedones.
  • Blue - white Normal and healthy skin.
  • Purple flourescent Thin skin without enough moisture.
  • Light violet Dehydrated skin.
  • White flourescence. Thick comeum layer.
  • Bright flourescence. Hydrated skin.
  • White Spots. Homey layer of the skin.


This new hand held mag lamp has a large magnification lense allowing the skin to be easily viewed at 5X magnification. It maintains 8 powerful white LED lights and 4 very powerful UV lights as well. It comes complete with a clear silicone sleeve.

Woods Lamp


Shock Proof, Built in Choke, 2x Magnification Two imported UV tubes (360nm)