Unique Features of megasurg

Patient isolation transformer for complete safety. Insulated eletrode to minimise pains & Skin damage Rapid & Painless operation. Linear intensity control (Intensity can be finely adjusted according to your convenience) Can be used continuously for long time Easily accessable to lesion area by various electrodes Highly versatile applications. Least intraoperative charring & very clean post operative wounds. Low maintenance costs.


Ablation of keloides Skin tags
Epistaxis Hair restoring surgery
Hemangiomas Keretosis
Minor varicose veins Incisions / excisions
Palatoplasty Biopsies
Tongue lesion removal Pyogenic granulomas
Forehead lift Molluscum contagiousum
Resection of mucose membrane defects Prurigo Nodularis
Achrochordon Cherry Angiomas

Byfrecator Gold


Simple & Rapid office procedure cost effective method. Minimal bleeding.Often completed in one sitting. Minimal scarring with fast healing if superficial.

Special isolation transformer for patient safety.


Easily portable Precisely varible intensity upto 50 watts.Offers instanty electro Coagulation , Electro Desiccation Electro Fulguration and Electro Section. Bipolar cable & Forceps available optionally.


Removal of warts, Acne Keloid Corns Cysta, Tumours , Vaginal Cysts Moles. Removal of Abnormalities Bloodlessly.

Special isolation Transformer for patient safely.

Wart Remover

Useful for removal of DPN,MC & Plain wart compact & effective Easy to carry and use.Safe & Simple treatment Digital intensity control light weight.