Visage LS is the world's most advanced live status skin detection equipment together with shooting, analysing and displaying funcions. It adopts RGB, UV, PL 3 spectrums, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis technology. Visage LS has 30 million clinical database analysis and achieves 20 seconds efficient live status skin analysis of 10 dermis and epidermis skin problems. It gives live status of spots, pores, moisture, textures, wrinkles, pigmentation and so on. According to the test results, visage LS can auto-recommend products and treatment for customised skin management. It is an essential live status skin detection equipment for cosmetic recommendation and treatments.


Foldable and retractable and removable environmentally friendly shield, ensure good shooting environment.
Ergonomic design of medical soft silicone chine, safe and comfortable.
Retractable and adjustable base making easy shooting angles.
180 degree turnover ultra sensitive touch screen makes multi directional display option.
1500W pixel HD lens, makes images clear and accurate.
10 ince HD touch screen ensures high quality display.
Energy saving HD shadowless LED ensures image without distortion.
Comprehensive suggestion and customised solutions.
30 million clinical database as reference, based on large database analysis, combines with artificial intelligence and image analysis technology, ensure analysis more accurate.
No need install software, system runs automatically once switched on.
Product relates to analysis report scientifically, ensure auto-recommendation more reasonable.
Wifi connection, cloud sharing, batch management, data sharing can be achieved.

Technical Specifications