Ultimate Phototherapy Units
Spiegel Series (ECO) Salient Features

  • Different combinations (UVA & NBUVB) can be provided as per your choice.
  • Tubes are imported from Philips Holland.
  • The unit is provided with imported mirror type reflectors (imported from Italy)
  • Special UV chokes for maximum life for the tubes.
  • Open top unit enables maximum ventilation which reassures claustrophobic patients.
  • All safety features provided with trippers and independent control for each panel.
  • Cooling fans & Cumulative hour meter provided.
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY (Not for tubes)Service and repairs by specially trained dermaindia service engineers.

Technical Parameters

Dimensions: Outer (mm) Inner (mm) 1955(H) x 1000 (W) x 850 (D)
Power required 6 KVA ( 24 tubes)
ELCB: Provided
Philips Holland Tubes: TL 100W /10R (or) TL100/01
Reflectors: Imported aluminium mirror type
Dosimetry: Provided
Cooling system: Provided
Weight: 120Kgs (approximately)

Multi utility Phototherapy Units

Specially imported sincrolite sheet ensures uninterrupted irradiation Tubes from PHILIPS Holland. TL/10R for UVA & TL/01 for NBUVB.Imported (Italy) mirror type reflectors ensure maximum irradiation.Real Multi Utility Unit.The latest onsite calibration system enables to set the exposure time in joules / Milli joules also.The unit is mounted on swivel castor wheels and locks are provided in the sides for easy operation. Special circuit breaker ensures complete safety. Easy tilting facility of each panel, which will lock in any position to treat partial areas. Specially designed patient data cards are provided along with the unit Scratch proof powder coating.


Power Required (KVA) 3 (UVA / UVB NB) 2 (Combination)
Weight (Kg) 50 (UVA / UVB NB) 55 (Combination)
Tubes 12 (UVA / UVB NB) 16 (Combination)
Dimensions (mm) 1500 (Height) 800 (width) 600 (Depth))