Akira XL
Q Switched NdYag Laser


7 jointed arm delivery system
Red diode laser beam point, find the right treatment area exactly
Motor drived auto-switching with 1064/532nm wavelength change
Spot size can be adjusted through focus adjustment lens
High power built-in water cooling system make the machine can be continuosly use
Operation and parameter adjustment with 10.4 inch color TFT button screen.


Dermis pigmentaton: Birth mark such as Ota nevus, ito nevus , black nevus pigment such as sun-burn spots, age spots, speckle, freckle, senior fleck
Manmade pigment: Blue, black, red, brown tatto, lips line, eyebrow line
Epidermis pigmentation speckles such as freckle, senior flecks, coffee spot
Vascular Lentigens: Vascular lesion, spider vessel, spider veins
Skin rejuvenation with laser peeling


Wavelength 1064nm,532nm
Output energy Single Pulse:1064nm; 100-1500mj;532nm;100-800mj
Double Pulse:1064nm; 100-1500mj;532nm;100-1600mj
Energy Density (Max) 1064nm;15.J/cm2;532nm;8j/cm2
Pulse Duration 6ns
Repitition Rate 1-10Hz adjustable
Spot size 2-10mm adjustable
Light guide beam 650nm red laser
Cooling System Closed Cycle Water to Air Heat Exchanger
Laser Delivery: Korea 7 jointed articulated arm
Controlling System 10.4inch TFT color Touch screen
Power requirement 240V,10A,50/60Hz;110V,10A,50/60Hz
Machine Dimensions 680mmx400mmx820mm
Net weight 75kg