Excim 308


308nm Excimer UV-light is a single-rate excimer light by using XeCl as illumination, to induce T cells apoptosis and improve pigment synthesis. Short treatment time can be more accurate for the skin treatment. Its single 308nm wave length is considered as the best one to treat Vitiligo and Psoriasis. It is also regarded as the most effective way to treat Vitiligo, Psoriasis and other skin diseases because of the high energy, single wave length, excellent efficacy, short treatment course and less adverse reactions.


  • Higher energy, up to 6000mj.
  • High purity?single wavelength - 308nm.
  • Very few side effect & less phototoxicity
  • Good patient compliance.
  • Treatment effect is remarkable


  • High energy focus?maximum output power up to 6000mj/cm2?

  • Big size healing area?max.spot size is 25.62 cm2. 8 different masks for lesion targeting. 3 treatment mode

  • A new generation of single frequency excimer UV-light?wavelength 308±2nm(almost the same with laser),safer for treatment.

  • No consumables during treatment. Low treatment costs.

Technical Parameters

Light source XeCL Excimer light
Wave Length 308 + 2nm
Energy density 50-6000mj/cm2
Limit power density 50mW/cm2
Energy instability <+ 10%
Light spot energy irregularity <+10%
Light spot 25.62 cm2 (4.2cm x 6.1 cm)
Single irradiation time 1s- 120s
Weight 50Kg
Dimension 555mm x 370mm x 1240mm