Korean Technology 3.8 Mhz Radio Surgery Unit

Radiosurgery is a low damage method for cutting and coagulation. There are no post- operative pain and tissue damage caused by fulguration. The cut principle of radiosurgery is that the wave of RF apply to tissue by passing through sharp tip to cause heat by tissue impedance. The cell in the area where RF wave pass through will be splited and vaporization that like to be cut by sharp knife. The coagulation of RF wave is a non- vaporized method for tissue.


Pure cut ( filter CUT)
It is suitable for various skin incision, biopsy, cyst, tumour, cosmetology, transplant of skin flap, skin papillary epithelioma, nevus, keratoma, esthetic blepharoplasty, aponeurorrhaphy and resection of levator.

Blend cut ( CUT COAG rectified)
Cutting with hemostatis. It is suitable for skin papillary epithelioma, papillary epithrlioma, keloid, keratoma, verruca, basai cell tumor, nevus, fistulae, epicytoma, cosmetology, cyst, transplant of skin flap and esthetic blepharoplasty.

Coagulation ( COAG part, rectified)
It is suitable for hemostatic control, depilation and capillary vessel shrinkage.

Basal cell carcinoma, depilation, damage hair follicle, tumour, verruca and hemostasia.

Precise hemostasis and suitable for any wet or dry tissues.

Technique parameter

input voltage 220v
output voltage 500-600v+20% changeable
output power 140w+20%
output frequency : 3.8 mhz
output wave: size:
cut: fully filtered wave wide: 22.5cm
cut & coag: fully rectified wave length: 23cm
coag: partially rectified wave high: 13cm
fulguration: melt wave

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