IPL+RF+E light+YAG laser

Zikra is a multifunctional machine. It has 4 systems+4 handles. One system is matched with one handle. For example, if the patient needs to do hair removal therapy. Just insert the IPL handle and turn on the machine, the IPL system menu will appear on the screen. If for skin tightening therapy, just change to RF handle and turn on the machine. The RF system menu will matched automatically. Convenient, intelligent and Humanized.


Bipolar RF
 Spot size: 20/28/35mm (dia) RF frequency: 6MHZ
 RF energy density: 1-50J/CM2
 RF delay: 100-1500ms Interval 1-4s

IPL system
 Spot size 13*30mm2,
 Wavelength 480/530/590/640/690nm standard
 IPL Energy density: 1-50J/cm2
 RF energy density 1-50J/cm2 IPL Frequency: 1-4s
 Pulse Number: 1-6
 RF frequency: 6Mhz

E-light system
 Spot size: 15*50mm2 (professional for hair removal)
 Wavelength 640nm fixed Energy density: 1-50J/cm2
 Frequency: 1-4s
 Pulse number: 1-6

Nd:YAG laser
 Laser type: Nd: Yag laser (q-switch) Wavelength: 1064nm/532nm
 Instruciton light: Infrared ray indicator
 Width of pulse: 6ns
 Frequency: 1-6Hz
 Spot diameter: 4-8mm

 Output : 2200W
 Screen : 7.4 inch color-touch LCD display
 Cooling : Semiconductor+wind+water+cooling gel
 Voltage : 220v /15A 50Hz